The kitchen is a destination -  a favorite space to gather for meals, entertaining, or homework. 
We help create that favorite space and make it yours. 




Around the Home

For more than 50 years, Kinsella has been combining expertise and ingenuity to craft thousands of kitchens, baths, and rooms around the home.  Whether you choose stained woods, painted finishes, cool stainless steel or exotic species, we work to ensure your cabinetry reflects your taste and the way you live.

Kinsella’s services and its reputation as one of the premier kitchen remodeling companies is what makes it the go-to home décor service in Cincinnati. The place your family gathers for meals should be special, and we make it shine according to your lifestyle. Our professional kitchen and bathroom designers start with an idea for your chosen living space and make it reflect your own personal tastes.

We start with unique ideas for your kitchen, bath, bar, library... any room. Our award-winning designers make your home one that reveals your lifestyle. We provide a host of other products and services to complete the picture.

Visit our showroom and you will see full-custom and semi-custom cabinetry brands, as well as our own Kinsella Custom Cabinetry.  Our wide variety of products and services offers our clients an unlimited diversity of styles, finishes, and options.